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How to write subscript in google docs

How to Create Subscript in Google Docs and Google Sheets Simple Methods to Add Subscript in Google Docs. How to Create Subscript in Google Docs and Google Sheets How to subscript in Google Docs - Silicon Dales Step 1. Place your mouse in the text that you want to add a subscript and then click the "Insert" > "Special Character"... Step 2. Now, a new window pops up, and then you can select the "Subscript" option to choose any. Highlight the text, and select Format > Text > Superscript or Subscript. Shortcut: Highlight text and press Ctrl + . for superscript or Ctrl + ,. Step 3: Insert a Superscript or Subscript After writing and highlighting, time to insert superscript or subscript.

Just hover your mouse to the upper menu of your screen and press “Format.” The first option you see as you scroll down the format menu is “Text.” Click it followed by either a “Superscript” or “Subscript.” The first and easy option is to use the keyboard shortcuts in Google Docs Editor. First, select the text that you want to make as subscript or superscript, for example – select 2 in H2O for subscript and y in X y for superscript. Subscript – press “Control + Dot” keys in Windows and “Command + Dot” keys in Mac. Follow the steps to subscript text using menu option. Select the text which you intend to subscript. Go to Format menu > Text. Choose SUBSCRIPT as shown in the picture below. MENU OPTION FOR SUBSCRIPTING IN GOOGLE DOCS As we choose subscript, the text will become subscript. The complete process is shown below.

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